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Bradley Siderograph Commentaries


Tim KnightTim Knight
This is a beauty, and it lines up nicely with the FOMC meeting providing a pop. 6/1/12
Do we know when this graph was made? 6/1/12
Do we know when this was created? 6/1/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
I'd love to see the original source on this too. I'm going to fire up Tineye... 7/22/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
Ah, here we go..... 7/22/12
You could also google "Bradley Turn Dates" 7/22/12
Pivotal PivotsPivotal Pivots
past and furure Bradley Model graphs 7/22/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
I really appreciate this and will check it out. 7/22/12
A couple comments from a new member of I have studied astrological effects on the markets for many years and the Bradley Siderograph was probably the first thing I studied. One must be careful about scaling--particularly with respect to the forecast portion. Scaling of the Bradley forecast can influence the perceived moves. Also, inversions are fairly common with Bradley. Further, little blips can be important and major turns can lead to little actual movement. This all said, it is an interesting tool. 
I am an user of Timing Solution software which includes Bradley, Bradley variations, time spectrum analysis, astro effects and so forth. I will compile a post for socialtrade that explores things I have mentioned above using my software.  
Thanks to Tim for mentioning this site today on Tastytrade. It motivated me to become a member! I hope to learn and contribute going forward 7/24/12
So, when you compare this to reality, it is just plain wrong. When will the astro nuts stop wasting their lives on this crap? I certainy hope they did not invest their money with this. 12/16/12