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Zuccotti Park..............Evil Plan 13.0 - Slope Of Hope with Tim...

Zuccotti Park Evil Plan 13.0 (Occupy Wall Street)

  As promised, I went down to New York city's Zuccotti Park today, to check out for myself the epicenter of the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement which is sweeping through the Nation.  Apparently, they have now set up chapters in over 100 U.S. cities.  I was both impressed & depressed by what I saw.  Half the protesters are patriotic libertarian Americans, a la Ron Paul, and the other half are an assortment of rag tag progressives, socialist, and anarchists.  However, the one rallying cry that does indeed unite them all, is their disdain & distrust of the all powerful corporate state, and it's int'l banking elites. 

My take on this burgeoning movement is as follows:

If they zoom in, and focus exclusively on the main message that actually does unite this diverse cross section of Americans, namely; the nearly universal disgust with excessive corporate greed, it's undue influence over American politics, and the deplorable unrestrained impact of the int'l banking elite.  They may well be able to obtain the critical support of the silent majority.  However, if they go off the reservation by espousing every zealous progressive / socialist cause known to man.....they will simply self destruct, as that would surely turn off at least 80% of the U.S. population......

I did my part. I located the media center at the heart of the Park, and found the most intelligent, articulate protesters amongst them.  Handed them about 100 fliers, and spoke to them at length regarding sharpening, and concentrating their message to only include 10 key points, which I outlined as "OWS Articles of Intent". 

I also told them that I was part of a larger community of online traders, that would be much more inclined to back their cause if they stuck to these basic principles, and that I suspected many many more Americans would also be keen to support the movement if they did so.  Much to my surprise, they were most receptive, and actually asked me if I would be available for an interview with the "Wall Street Journal", and other major media outlets that they were in direct communication with.  So I gave them my email.  I will be shocked if they follow up, but hey you never know..........

Below are images I shot, so that you guys could get a feel for the scene I witnessed.  My favorite is the header image above.  Be sure to click on the thumb nails, so as to enlarge the HD images.  Please take them for what they are, and whatever you do, don't shoot the messenger.  I also have included the 2 fliers I passed onto the key media people / leaders of the OWS movement.



By the way, our boy "End the FED Kid" is now over 1/2 million views on You Tube.  He's going viral baby!


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