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Court Jester leaves the Royal Audience in stitches, awarded Medal of Astute Chicanery by the Queen. .22 was the punchline. 

.36 and .58. 

Mostly because why not go do some math and try to figure out some weirdness that nobody is ever going to use? Also, we have deviated, or, I made a mistake, OR, we are not done yet. 

Stacked to: Insanity Circa 2021 

Edit: I feel the need to rant publicly. Robinhood's charts suck so bad that I might delete the app even if all I use it for is to glance at prices. They are exceptionally log scale, and apparently drawn by a monkey recently given a large dose of LSD. Also he redraws them however the hell he wants at random time intervals. They do glow though. 

Edit edit: Also just noticed about a 10% difference between Robinhood pricing of Dogecoin and prices in the Slope of Hope feed. I am operating assuming Slope is correct. I guess there are likely multiple exchanges with multiple prices, Robinhood operating as their own exchange? Have to look into it...

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The Vulcan Sloper akaGrinThe Vulcan Sloper akaGrin
Good luck. 4/16/21
Thanks man. But I gotta be honest, got in on a whim. Stops hit on the others I was playing with this week. I am o.k. with luck! Also bit of an omen, stops being hit. Haven't had to worry about that the last year and a half... 4/16/21