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Dow Jones Monthly: Still in the good ole expanding triangle, megaphone or reverse symmetrical triangle "all the same". Price will be closing at the third month down with out making new highs on the monthly. It's possible the Dow Jones may even form a head shoulders top on this monthly as you can see price is currently coming off the highs forming the head then onto forming the right shoulder. I'm looking at a big sell off to trigger once price falls through and triggers the PSAR indicator using a parameter of 0.01,0.1 which would actually be the neck line if a head shoulders forms over the next few months. I believe the Dow Jones and the general market index's are a few months out from the larger sell offs that many of us are looking for and prices at these levels in the Dow Jones would be a perfect opportunity to short for long term any price above 14,700 and below 17,000. This seems like a large range but it's actually a very small % considering this patterns target price will be 6,000. If you trade this


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