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Time for a good old fashion boycott! 

How is that double speak working for you? Like your tax cuts and wealth creation for the 1% 

@Grin, if only it was that simple. Remember the other nut job GOP actor acting as POTASS. Reagan closed all the facilities for the crazies. Another dumb move, now they are all on the streets and carry guns/knives. And drive miles to Kill Latins, Blacks, etc. 

Guns, knives, drugs!!  
"The attacker and all the victims were Hispanic, police said." Black Lives Matter! Latin Lives Matter! Mr. President 

Where's the beef? Chump thinks tariffs DO NOT cost Americans. China Stops all AG imports from 'merica THE GREAT 

Is that $OIH chart EW in action. Yes, there is a correlation to /cl and USO. Any way to show that? Probably only an advanced SlopeCharts Membership. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :)

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