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That 'immigrant' Obama is at IT again: 

How did POTUS even get elected. 'merica IS GREAT! AND dumb... "oll" sic 

At least the 'market' closed higher then 2600.66 criminal bitches. 

It's OK to laugh... Really 

AND what's wrong with ladyboys, if your into that sort of thing. ;- 

Thanks Host. Everyone. Have a fun, sunny, happy weekend. We start again next week. 

It is a strangelove around this blog. "lol"


Now it's the old wait for green background, white diamonds etc. 
I never thought this would have been a good short - damn was I wrong! 2/6/18
A friend of mine has been going through testing for prostate cancer... biopsy etc. 
Today he got the results and they show no cancer. He said he was so happy his stuck his own finger up his butt. 2/9/18
he stuck 2/9/18