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Blanks of the trader

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Given the current market conditions that can described as early formations to the setups that may unfold later on. I was not involved in any setups last week except long awaited formation on GOLD (XAUUSD), when the lows of last 2 years at 1530's were cut like butter, stopping me out immediately and triggering short hedge positions at the same time that made up for most of loses on this trade already. 

Next week does not look like much action can be expected in my watch list. Two very early setups are shaping themselves at the moment. First French CAC40 took of north before completing Gartleys posted last week. As it stands now there is potential bearish Shark pattern completion at 3906's.

Another opportunity on the radar is USDJPY FX pair. It is still very raw and potential Cypher may become invalid next week if this market will continue it's directional move north next week. Anyway though something would be worth having on the radar.

This will sum up this week. Please check out the link below , it is youtube channel for the trader who gave away his belongings and decided to hit the road living off 10K to trade for a month. Lots of insights there that some may find relevant. Have a good one traders!

Rob Booker's trip


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