Global Financial Data has put together an index of Government Bond yields that uses bonds from each of these centers of economic power over time to trace the course of interest rates over the past seven centuries. From 1285 to 1600, Italian bonds are used. Data are available for the Prestiti of Venice from 1285 to 1303 and from 1408 to 1500 while data from 1304 to 1407 use the Consolidated Bonds of Genoa and the Juros of Italy from 1520 to 1598.  

General Government Bonds from the Netherlands are used from 1606 to 1699. Yields from Britain are used from 1700 to 1914, using yields on Million Bank stock (which invested in government securities) from 1700 to 1728 and British Consols from 1729 to 1918. From 1919 to date, the yield on US 10-year bond is used. 

Below is a chart that reflects 700 years of Long Term Government Bond Yields to 1285:


Yep, over the past 700 years, the only time long term government bond yields, for the economic center of power's government, have been lower is during the Great Depression.  
Yields are going higher. I keep coming back to Schlicter's point: "The amount of money created does not determine interest rates." It can distort it for a short time, as it has...but not for long. Yields are going higher. 3% for the 10 yr, then a break over the 30 year downtrend. 12/6/13
Idiot WindIdiot Wind
Indeed Rev....... 
Gonna wake up one day very soon with interest rates up 100 bps in a single session and the market down 1,000 dow pts that same day..............they will lose control...............the dooms day machine is on auto pilot..........crusin for a bruisin..............heading straight for a monetary meltdown. 12/6/13
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oh from zerohedge...carry on 12/6/13