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Verizon (VZ) 
1,068,383,783 Shares traded in 1 week... That's a Billion with a "B"! 
Over 618 Million of them were within one day... 
...and the bottom didn't fall out of this market. 
There are only 4.14 Billion shares issued. 
Somebody knows something that I don't. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this appears to be a pretty flippin' bullish indication to me.


Here is a recent article suggesting TMUS taking a bite out of VZ's subscribership. 359996/ 
Technically that wedge should break to the upside. "Enter from the bottom, exit from the top" ...or some such thing. 3/25/14
HaHa...I've heard such things as well. thanks for the input. 3/25/14
Trader PeteTrader Pete
A large quantity of TMUS calls were bought just before the close on Thursday 4/18/14
Trader PeteTrader Pete
Also the money flow indicator showed that money was flowing out not in on the high volume day 4/18/14
Hmmm... I hadn't seen that. Better keep my eyes peeled and stops tight. Thanks. 5/5/14