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EEM: Emerging markets. One heck of a resistance level here. What's next?


Triple tops don't exist. They are myths. That only means one thing...up, up, and up! 7/24/14
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triple tops do exist .. and some who hold to usefulness in trading include Alan Farley (a well-written technician) and William O'Neill (a fundamental investor who has published several well-accepted books on the topic) .. 7/24/14
I will side with the research on triple tops although I do not have a current position here it will be interesting to see if a top here will coincide with a top in our general index's as well. 7/24/14
If this does not play out then Dink will be the myth buster. lol 7/24/14
Forgive my lack of understanding, but on April 6 2011 EEM hit a high of 50.30, yet this chart shows nothing higher than the proposed $45 'triple top' level. I am short and wrong on EM, and would love nothing more than for this to sell off as part of the taper tantrum, but please explain why this chart is truncated. I hope people are not manufacturing their own levels on faux charts. Can someone verify what I'm missing here, other than being wrong short EM at the moment? 7/24/14
Dink. Being "Myth-buster" would be really cool. But as negative as dI am on some other indexes Mike may have the advantage here. Good luck. Thanks for the chart Mike. TB 7/24/14
jonnie not sure about your info on the data. I am using a monthly chart for this on stock charts an there is no way I can fabricate data. It may be a bad tick that was never corrected on whatever chart program you are using. I wish I had an answer for ya. Hopefully someone else can help. 7/24/14
I see the top made back in Apr 2011, then a decline and rally back up to this resistance zone where it stands now at the resistance zone for the 3rd time. I wouldn't call it a top but a resistance zone. 7/25/14
Mike, no worries. Certainly don't want to come off as accusatory at all. What is the high, either closing or intraday, that you see back in 2011 for EEM? 7/26/14
Jonnie I show 47.13 as the highest tick for May of 2011. On stock charts and Bigcharts is somewhere above 50.00. Not sure why there is a difference in data feed for this specific one. 7/28/14
My thinkorswim chart show 55.83 high for eem on october 07 and 50.43 on april 2011. we have a sort of double top around 45.30 going back to jan. 2013. 7/28/14
Interesting how data feed is so different. 7/28/14