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4 sept2.PNG

Deutsche bank ready to collapse again or is it a breakout??? 
Seems to me last candle is a bearish engulfing


Useful IdiotUseful Idiot
Douche Bank's Failure To Deliver Physical Gold says a lot on a summer's eve, does it ? 
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
lol potemkine village falling? 9/2/16
I've heard that you get a hard-on just before you die. 9/2/16
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand Grenade
No worries, really. Basel IV? No problem. Douche Bank will need about EUR 10 billion of new Tier 1 equity capital. 
But it's cool, really it is.... 
(The chart is much better in Euros, BTW). 
Eine gemutlichkeit, baby! 9/6/16