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@MarketSniper said "More Trump Dementia Syndrome. LOL Poor pipes. Head just keeps exploding. 
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"To equate Trump with Hitler is pure dementia. And as far as the Fake news is concerned, they make shit up out of whole cloth. is what it is. So sorry you feel so rotten about it all. For me, it is great entertainment. 
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WHY isn't @MS banned. Constant insults of ANY opposing views especially against his lover Chump. As we all finally know, POTUS continually is damaging to 'merica THE GREAT! Sad Right Wing nut-jobs, especially from AZ and NV have lost the plot. 
@TimKnight Luffing all the SlopeCharts 'improvements'. Time for a +++ account. 
YUGE: OH MY! I too use the % Change column sorting. WOW it now screams, still need to click on %Change a couple times. Perhaps it's me and my YUGE equity watch list. '¯\_(ツ)_/¯' 8/1/18