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Can't understand that @MS. WTF $DZZ continues to provide Green. 

Perhaps $TRX is still a good bye. Huh, Someone should take that man out with two shots. Just to be sure! OH MY! 
ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ (LOL if you still have no clue :-)

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Chapter two: Politics.  
OH MY this is going to be interesting. Can't wait @TK 
Perhaps some may find volume profile useful. 
You Gold freaks are going to be dissatisfied. Try the fun trading @PipeSticks and /cl (crude) Thanks mate. Enjoying regular bourbon with you. Keeps the trading calm and mostly WINNING! ha ha ha  
Enjoy the day and week Slopers. @TK wonderful post this weekend. 
♪♬ღ ♪♬ ლ ✿ ღღ 8/20/18