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Sugar #11 Futures - The global benchmark for raw cane sugar. (No need to worry, Strawberry Blonde) This chart can be found in the Commodities Data Panel, under ICE. For more about sugar, see:

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Inflation or Deflation? 4/8/20
Does it matter if its inflation or deflation? It isn't real. It's all monopoly money. 4/8/20
anjing bauanjing bau
quite cool of you to link Rush on the other thread....Neil Peart was the lyricist. He was influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand Aldous Huxley George Orwell etc. These guys were our local heroes. Rush with Max Webster opening the show was the best! 1977 CNE... Rush premiering A Farewell To kings...and Max playing High Class in Borrowed Shoes...... 4/8/20
Thank you. My first concert ever was the 2112 Tour - Masonic Temple in Detroit. Starcastle and Max Webster opening? Not sure. R.I.P. Neil 4/8/20