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Tim KnightTim Knight
I say again: holy crap. 7/22/12
Pivotal PivotsPivotal Pivots
past and future Bradley models 7/22/12
Two cautions. 28th is a natural planet "turn" date, but the Plungers have some short term impact. 
Second, this is based upon planets impacting mass psychology. You think there is new moon craziness, what about this "downer". Worse it continues for years, see 2013 and 2014 graphs! 7/22/12
Idiot WindIdiot Wind
Clearly need to read up on the Bradley stuff..... 7/22/12
The PIGS will do it and trigger the plunge. Greece then Spain will soon --maybe next week-- have to pull the Euro eject trigger,,, 7/23/12
It looks like this chart called the inflection day practically to the day. 7/27/12
DHD posted this comment on the Slope of Hope: 
A comment from Pretzel Logic:  
If you're going to use the Bradley, you have to remember that it does not predict polarity -- i.e.- it doesn't even try to tell you if a given date is supposed to be a high or a low. Beyond that, there's a "window" on each side of the date (+/- 4 days -- meaning 8 days total). So the recent low falls into that window, and thus the major turn could be HIGHER. This is why I don't really use the Bradley. WTF good is that info? "A high or a low is coming within 8 days of this date" -- great, thanks for the help Mr. Bradley... Pretty sure a high or a low is coming within 8 days of every date on the calendar. 7/29/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
So far this has been beyond useless. 9/30/12
Tim KnightTim Knight
All in all, I'd say this whole Bradley thing from last year was useless. 1/18/13
Market SniperMarket Sniper
Mark up another astrological TA winner. 4/14/13
Market SniperMarket Sniper
Beyond me why people base any trading decisions on such cant and nonsense, TK. 4/14/13
Market SniperMarket Sniper must watch this. Crazy Oscar Carboni totally slays EW. this is a crack up. Watch the entire vid. LOL
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Did you honestly expect anything different? 4/14/13