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How are the Southern States not killing it with solar? 11/10/18
All the solar in Florida has to be hurricane proof. Not all solar roofing/panels meet that standard. The most hurricane proof solutions include roof tiles that do not stand proud like panels and flat roof solutions than can take the pounding of a Cat 5 assuming the building doesn't get blown away. Insurance isn't cheap in Florida either. 11/10/18
edgar orantesedgar orantes
Non fossil fuel includes nuclear, hydro, wind, and geothermal in addition to solar. NJ is a terrible place for solar; lots of cloud cover, and winters are pretty long, so there are lots of gas and oil fired installations and few heat pumps. But the tax situation is good for solar installations, and many are well off, so you end up with lots of marginally economical solar systems. My neighbor's back yard is filled with a solar system and I shudder to think how much it cost. 11/10/18
What a waste of money. Senate has already been decided. It makes no difference who wins this race. I didn't neg you btw. 11/10/18
i guess the arizona voters, want the san franciso model...feces and needles on all the streets! 11/10/18