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edgar orantesedgar orantes
I commented a while back that I believe this move is market driven, and signaled the government wasn't in control. My guess is if the yuan continues to weaken they will be forced to step in and try to defend it somewhere. 8/2/18
If it's market driven and it would be truly amazing if it is because it is a little hard to believe that the Communists would not mess with the control wheel. Just like it's hard to believe that the Fed wouldn't mess with the markets. 8/2/18
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Damn It pipes beat me to it: 
Give me a break...there's like 5 fatal shark attacks a year.  
What are you watching, FOX NEWS? 
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Thanks @Monkey. My largest short continues: $FOXA 
Sorry can not post chart. Banned @POTUSshithole by @MarketSniper for AGAIN dissenting views (head shot!!!! . 
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@TimKnight is our favorite, @MS not so much. ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏ 8/2/18