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Thanks @Silver Singularity 
@TK and Team perhaps SocialTrade could have a feature to zoom into charts as above? Us blind people will thank you. (Workaround - right click "Open in new window" and use CTRL-+++ to sort of zoom in.) [NOTICE "See Full Size" not available on previous SocialTrade Link] 
Also SocialTrade comments still do not display links for symbols ( $BTC) or allow for tab @profile-name completion 
@PipeSticks Any /cl charts for the ST and IT, please. Great calls again with assist from @MovinForward @Claw and @Others :) 
@TK also previously mentioned Fib. "Change Style" -> "Save as Default Fib Retracement Style" -> "Show Value" -> Select box" still are not retained between charts. 8/14/18
Darn IT. Profile: @MovinFwd 
allow for Tab @Mov[TAB] doesn't work in SocialTrade. '¯\_(`')_/¯' 8/14/18
Yeah, anyone other than the devil we got. Probably would have been better with FLOTUS @BillClinton then immigrant FLOTUS. Unfortunately, Impeach is not an option. VPOTUS IS the worst of two evils. 
You'll should go back to Murdicks #FOXA for obvious "Fake News". Bring @InfoWars back. As @MS says the entertainment value is similar to Stephen Colbert. ✿ ♪♬ღ ღ ♡ 8/14/18
FYI Profile: @Up On Cripple Creek 
For your lunchtime enjoyment (New format is great) 8/14/18