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Facebook bounced off support from March on the weekly chart. 

Should that area hold, we'd expect to see a move back up to re-test the all-time high. 

Facebook is still bullish on the weekly/monthly timeframes, and has major support at $70.32


ammoammo another way to look at facebook is that it's retracing the upper half of a bell curve , then return to that wide nip supp,drop tothe next wide nip and then retrace the lower half of that bell curve...easy peasy way to spot s/r within wider s/r and play by play of market rotation
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Ammo, I like that volume profile chart you posted with the daily appearance. 
It more clearly shows the head & shoulders topping pattern forming. 
I just focused on a bunch of weekly charts Sunday to see what there was to see. 5/11/15
Well my 2 cents is this: I think FB is on its way to $60.00 sooner than later, I actually se a big rising wedge that in the last 4-5 sessions has closed below that support line..... 5/13/15