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Details ! 8/24/18
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity 
Is that what you meant? 8/24/18
Need to pay attention to the details of the movie ! Fun stuff ! 8/24/18
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
:D 8/24/18
Thanks @Silver Singularity. 
Our friend Jim Carrey is at it again: 
Thanks @PipeSticks Next week should be better. /cl ᕙ༼ °ل͜͠ °˵༽ᕗ  
Now no one wants to even speak about POTUS. What's next for the Meuller case and the rest of the Justice Department. Many would support YOUR FIRED Sessions! ༼ꉺˇɷˇꉺ༽ 8/24/18
@Pipesticks Powell Jackson Hole speech...... 8/24/18
@JimGrim wonder what all those immigrants are doing in Cali. Cali IS the largest US economy. Also, Cali is the largest Argriculture and Food supplier to the nation and other nations. Imagine which companies those illegals work for???? 
Here is one that should continue to be bought. $TRX 5 year. 8/24/18