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I would like to introduce you to the gold/beer ratio. How many beers can you get per ounce of gold? I think you'll agree: why hadn't we thought of this ratio to forecast the price of gold before.


I pee gold until about the 4th or 5th beer 8/16/18
Am thinking @pipesticks could be the first to introduce the tobacco/gold ratio and the tobacco/oil ratio. They may well change how we forecast the prices of commodities in the future. 8/16/18
It goes without say that ratios for cryptos are utterly pointless. Beer is vastly more important and has built its credibility for thousands of years. Beer is no flash in the pan ponzi. 8/16/18
@Claws Thank you so much for perspective on the other side of the pond. 
@PipeSticks what more can we say. Our Ft. Lauderdale air show requires views and parties on the top of several Condominiums. Watching the Blues over the rooftop pools gets' me hard every year. That of course is another story, not suitable for SOH children.  
Thanks Northy, our Pipes are lit for further chart analysis. \_(")_/  
Perhaps instead of Brazil $EWZ, you may consider (Careful ~~3x) $EDZ