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Blanks of the trader

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The only signal posted last week on GOLD (XAU/USD) got filled with back and forth price action around interest rate announcements. It was a winner for the traders who took advantage, as the price hit at least 0.382 fib retracement of the last CD leg where the first target was set. If executed properly there was about +12 ticks of profit on this trade on average. One more pattern that got completed last week was bearish Cypher on AUD/USD @0.8995 that was posted in earlier stubs. So far we about +50 ticks in the money, looking for further continuation south for this market.

Trading signals 

Going into this week will see lots of market movers like heads of major central banks having their speeches (forward guidance's) starting on Tuesday and continuing throughout the week. One thing is very likely is that will see increased volatility across major instruments and currencies during those times. 


From technical perceptive there are lots of patterns pending at the moment, the latest one in on EUR/USD that has potential bearish BAT to be completed @1.3708's area. We are about 80 pips short at the moment, however i would give minimum 2 days for this pattern to complete, otherwise will likely to have very wide ranges that can compromise risk/reward ratio on this trade. See the chart below. 


French index to perhaps many surprises is posting new highs recently that created potential opportunity for bearish SHARK pattern completion @4388's area. Still quite early days on this setup, see the chart below. 

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