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Pretty significant reversal today across all indices. SPX closed below its October trendline, after bouncing off of it earlier this month, including a negative MACD divergence on the daily chart. We saw a sell reversal in the short term, and nearing an intermediate term sell reversal. If we continue to move lower from here, it should have legs to the downside. My largest position is now long volatility.


I never understood this notion...rephrase what you said in this manner and tell me if makes sense to you. "We have already moved down a fair amount, if we move down a fair amount more THEN we'll move down a whole bunch!" 3/25/15
TnR, If I may be so bold to ask "why lower"? 
When I see this chart I think the ST line is support and the SPX will turn and go higher as it has already "touched" the lower channel. 
I'm looking to understand.