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The sample price drop building reminded me of New York where the term "jonesing" is said to have originated and the news item of Cory Weeds closing The Cellar Jazz Club reminded me that Vancouver ain't New York no matter what the condo brochure says. Why did everyone take on historic levels of debt just to live in inefficient housing units? Watch the 12.39min video explanation below (on this post) by Belabed & Theobald of how the middle class, has just been trying to keep up with the consumption norms of the upper class, which kept expanding as more aggregate income flowed upwards. In other words you have depleted your savings and borrowed as much as you could because you have been jonesing to keep up with the Jones'. More at


Grin n Bear itGrin n Bear it
Hey Brian, How's Ellen doing? 2/18/14
Brian RipleyBrian Ripley
Sorry "Grin, burn it down and buy Au" but I don't know who you are or who Ellen is. 2/18/14
It's a joke. Ellen Ripley is the main character of the Alien movie franchise. You have to participate on the Slope of Hope comment sections to interact with everyone rather than just posting on SocialTrade. 2/18/14
Brian RipleyBrian Ripley
Duh. I should have twigged; I used to own a video store. Thanks Nf6. 2/18/14