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Blanks of the trader

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EUR/USD long Cypher pattern posted last week did not come into play as the pair plummeted north much earlier than anticipated currently at 1.38 levels. The setup that came into play is bearish BAT pattern on Gold (XAUUSD) that was posted 


. Textbook completion was @1341 levels and at the moment we are slightly above. Personally i did not get involved in this one, as at least 30$ stop had to be taken on board above 1360's and the setup is pretty much against the trend. This market is usually considered as "safe haven" at the times when fear stalls into other asset classes. Situation in Ukraine it too big too ignore at the moment, having said any positive resolution there could send Gold lower. The only position held in my portfolio is short AUD/USD that finally hit first target last week netting about +80 pips of profit so far. Today's interest rates announcement is likely to set the tone for the coming weeks for this pair.

Trading signals 

Couple of signals looking into coming week under my radar. The ones that are closer to completion are posted below


This pair found new highs last week as last pivot @1.376's was broken. There has been a lot of talks about 1.40's level before seeing any significant move lower. With coming ECB meeting this week, we are likely to  know more about QE perspective anytime soon. Looking back to the charts there is 3 Drives bearish pattern to be completed @ 1.385's level. It is counter trend setup, therefore for traders to be involved in this setup position has to be readjusted accordingly. 


This pair came very close to bearish Cypher completion @1.6772's levels. The pair moved to the lower levels since then and we are very close to 1.67's level where this pattern becomes invalid on 4 hours chart if the level will be broken. See the chart below. 

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