$RUT 20 Year Chart


nice RUT chart, waiting for a 40 mil.shares day by noon, 
then its spent ,let the selling begin 6/22/14
Will it be a collective drop in RUT component EPS' and/or a smaller PE multiplier to justify that drop? 
Q2 earnings are just a few weeks away. 
Been no pesky winter. 
Been no grossly adverse econ news. 
Why will RUT drop to 900 during Q3? 6/22/14
Tn. I created my chart this morning as a follow up of one I made 6 months ago. I was excited to see your superb chart. Hopefully this is a case of "great minds" thinking alike. Still waiting for some confirmation but I think there is a good possibility of this happening. Have a great week. Tom B 6/22/14