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Key macro indicators going forward (next several weeks). When the 30 year yield approaches monthly EMA 100... and Silver vs. Gold fails... and USD comes to support... well, just have caution you inflation traders. Until then, projecting potential 'C' leg up in commodities.


Not sure why the 100-day has become so viable in past few years. Used to rarely matter. 6/10/15
@Money: This is a 100 month EMA, not daily. I never mean to offend, but sometimes people are very defensive about things that are incorrect. For example, there is nothing magical about the 100 month EMA. What happens is people search for magical moving averages, overlay them on a chart, create a pattern that doesn't exist, and assumes that the MA has some magic power to it. Those highs in interest rates weren't highs because the 100 month EMA stopped them; those were highs because the auction topped there. The overlay of a MA is a post hoc event and has no fundamental bearing on securities pricing. 6/10/15
Sorry Dink, but I have used this chart for all of the last 6 arrows and it guided me well every time. Your comment holds zero value. 6/10/15
I never said you can't make money off the 100 monthly EMA, only that it holds zero value in determining the supply/demand situation on the 30 year bond. 6/10/15
Who ever mentioned anything about supply/demand? It is simply a macro indicator that works... or has worked for many years in an unbroken streak. Also, I meant your comment had zero value to me. Can't speak for others. 6/10/15