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Tim KnightTim Knight
HA HA HA HA 1/11/16
I regret to inform you that this is not funny. That decline from 2007-2009 was a crash, then we based in 2012-2013, and in 2014, under everyone's nose, we broke out of the basing pattern and broke out strongly. The decline since then is NOT a crash, because a crash occurs at major tops. The decline in 2015 is a correction that is returning to the basing pattern's resistance-turned-support. 1/11/16
We shall see soon enough.. 1/11/16
Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha! 1/11/16
Wave four cannot penetrate the top of wave one..... 1/13/16
@WilliamBlake: I don't really care what Elliott Wave crazies claim or not. I only listed the numbers to get the attention of the Elliott Wavers. I don't care if wave X can't go below wave 37 or whatever. All that matters is China is close to bottoming and heading to new all-time highs. 1/14/16
Here's what is happening with China. Unlike the USA, which is a FIRE based economy (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate), China is a TECI economy (Transportation, Energy, and Communications Infrastructure) and because of that tilt, the Chinese economy is not beholden to its stock market falling. The Chinese economy is strong and their stock market will catch up to the fact that its TECI economy is more stable than a FIRE economy and is based on real economic growth and not on phony asset price inflation. It is time to buy China and hold for 10 years. 3/1/16
Are the China bears worried yet? They should be. 3/21/16
This chart seems to be the one no one is even willing to consider. Well, so far China has bottomed exactly where my little green line predicted it would (marginally below the prior low) and now price is firming and is 15% above the low. Is no one on board with me? Just imagine how high the FXI will go if this turns out to be correct. Huge risk:reward imbalance even after this recent 15% rally. 3/24/16