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Yeah, BUTT, just think 'they' know OR THINK "THEY" KNOW. 

"while firing my weapons or anyone elses. Just so no one thinks I'm some whack job shooting and taking acid at the same time." 

Obviously I'm from the NRA. It's OK, I'M FROM THE NRA. 
yes, the NRA. O'Really IT'S OK! 

Do whatever you want. Just make certain your safe and please, please, please, your kids do not have access to your weapons without training and psychological evaluation.  

OR TEXT AND DRIVE! ༼ꉺˇɷˇꉺ༽  

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Exactly Tim , that is what Don was saying earlier today in his tweetstorm. 2/7/18
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the very first modern gun control laws, were written by Adolph Hitler. 2/8/18