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SPX daily. This is not investment advice.


Closing Basis - go with the flowClosing Basis - go with the flow
It is NOT, huh? 100% sure? Never ever should you be so sure. That's not thinking in probabilities. We'll take another look in a couple of weeks and see how it looks. Your guess may turn out to be correct. 5/13/16
Of course I'm not 100% sure. That's a given in anything in life. I just like to be inflammatory. 5/13/16
Like I said, some of the most ferocious rips happen with busted H&S setups.... Scary, but position responsibly and either one makes for a great opportunity. Traders aren't so much about BEING right. What we are supposed to be great at, is GETTING right, and getting right,...quickly. 5/14/16
May be, may be. Next week is OPEX week. Neck line will be hold for now. 5/14/16
Agreed. 5/14/16
Inflammatory Dink, would you happen to be from New Jersey or New York? 5/16/16
Gee, nobody could see the H&S pattern failing...NO ONE! The state of technical analysis is in a sad state of affairs when those charging for chart analysis can't even get something so simple. 5/25/16
Someone has to say it. You've been pretty much on the money with this chart so far and I was expecting it to fall sharply. 6/15/16