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This pretty much says it all.


Market SniperMarket Sniper
Damn, TK! The boat is just about full. This weekend, went thru the VIX (at lows) and the SKEW (close to highs). Best argument out there right now to buy OTM puts. 2/21/17
MS. I want to make a little note with this headline. Can you throw out an ideal OTM option in your opinion.? 2/21/17
ZeroPointMind ΦZeroPointMind Φ sale-with_60547200343.html 2/21/17
Useful IdiotUseful Idiot
Except these.......... 
Thanks ,Mr Knight. 
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Enjoy your day......... jpg
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Just Another GuyJust Another Guy
Totally disagree with you on metals, totally agree with you on equities. 2/21/17