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Idiot WindIdiot Wind
sweet chart Faces! 5/13/13
thanks 5/13/13
Nice chart Faces. Is your gold drop correlated to a rising dollar? 5/13/13
Is that showing Gold was in a bubble and now popping? 5/13/13
Idiot WindIdiot Wind
Notice, out of all the bubbles you charted, how the Golden one seems to have had more support on the way down than the rest, thus far anyways......... 5/13/13
When I trade gold, I watch the USD concurrently. I am presently short gold from 1471 (which I tweeted and posted on SOH). As long as the USD gains against the Yen and Euro, the USD should help gold. However, I would note that gold responds more directly to "national debt" and the recent effects from sequestration have taken that magic away from gold (thus the decline). 5/13/13