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Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
I have to say wonderboy, after FRIDAY action in crude, its starting to look like it wants to SHIT the BEDPAN again. :-( 1/25/15
Weagle BunnyWeagle Bunny
So I updated the chart I posted last week with a slight modification being where I have placed the 2 on the lower channel. If short term history is anything to show us of what may happen in crude, we could have a date with the mid 30's in the near future. Although this Channel is taking a lot longer to progress, the break of the 46.50-46.70 was a big deal as 5 daily candles in a row closed above or bounced off of it. 
It may be longer, but I do anticipate another bounce at the lower end of the channel which will most likely be the cause of an oversold bounce.  
Just what i see. 1/25/15