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SPY - Daily - 8.19.16.png

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Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
I suspect like you aug 15 to be the top but friday was very odd to me, really didn't expect to close the week at this level! 
Aug 15 2016 also was the 45th anniversary of the Nixon's Shock to "defend the dollar against speculators" rofl 
Economics problems we face today as a society all related one way or another to this day as well as december 23 1913 and the criminal federal reserve act 8/21/16
As of 8.25.16 at 10 am EST, I no longer believe we have seen the top. I fear the bears will get the noose again and I am about to turn bullish again with an upside target of ES 2215. I will still give the bears benefit of doubt, but they need to move the ES below and remain below around 2160. 8/25/16