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I remember all these so-called "experts" saying in december that the fed started (lol) to tighten rates because we escaped velocity and were in a self generating growth environment... 
And that chart is what happens when you donkeys anticipate a solid 2.5% growth in 2016 (without QE, with margins cycle reversing, ugly inventories to sales ratios, high $, healthcare premiums exploding, service sector bigger and bigger part of economy, part time jobs as well, 40 years of accumulated debt financed deficits and starting to explode again, buying back shares with free money but very low capital expenditures etc..)


"And that chart is what happens when you donkeys" 
Flawed from the get go. Maybe your outlook would be welcome on CNBC or MarketWatch. 
Post up some real time commentary and trade Sir. 9/19/16
I do Sir 
You can verify 9/19/16