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Bonjour ! Are you trading silver professionaly as an institutional or on your own as a retail investor ? 6/1/18
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
Bonjour :) 
I own silver (physically) as a retail investor and trading gold silver and platinium as an individual. The metal I pick for trading depends of factors like long or short side, hedging or naked aggressive, where I think we are in the cycle etc... 
For example, since the last sell of I'm posting about long gold topic because I consider it to be the best risk reward deal for a trader @ this moment. For a long term investor that wants good returns but doesn't care about volatility, I would obviously say silver. I'm a big fan of silver in today's world! 
A guy I'm not a fan of said something I totally agree with: "silver is the biggest sleeper of all" 6/1/18
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity 
One of the biggest reasons why I love silver, the silver bullet against people's ennemies: the financial terrorists! Look @ the Ron Paul>Ben Bernanke part. 
Also a good reminder of cycles when you look back. 
Wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin investors are today @ the point where silver investors were @ the time of this video (but with bitcoin's volatility) 6/1/18
Bon à savoir ! Merci ! 6/1/18