Economic Contraction Road Map

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Just a friendly reminder from your friends here at that we are in an economic contraction, not an expansion when viewing the big picture. Indeed, it is this site that has highlighted the little post-2012 expansion more vigorously than any other bearish leaning entity that I have seen, and earlier than most bullish entities I might add.

That was because of the Semiconductor Equipment ramp up → Palladium-Gold ratio → ISM upturn → Jobs upturn continuum we have been on. But that is a positive cycle within a much larger cycle that is very negative. Here’s the updated view of counter cyclical gold vs. cyclical commodities, which may be starting its next up turn. (more…)

Everyone Should Do This

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Attention, businesses of the world: I understand your rationale for getting phone numbers like 1-0722-oxi800-RAW-MEAT or 1-888-4-KIBBLE, but as a favor to your fellow citizens, could you please, every time, also put the pure digital equivalent? Because I think I can safely speak for the rest of the planet that squinting at phone buttons, looking for letters one at a time to spell your stupid mnemonic is a big pain in the ass.


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I wanted to let everyone know well in advance that I’ll be heading off on a European trip for about ten days a week from now. From July 29 to August 9, I’ll be on the European continent in a pattern something along these lines:



I’m mentioning this for three reasons:

  1. If there are any Slopers in Prague or Berlin, drop me an email. Maybe we can say hello in person!
  2. I’ll be extra-grateful for content from outside contributors during my ersatz vacation (I’ll be begging emailing them directly shortly before my trip).
  3. Blogger’s guilty is already setting in – - I won’t be posting as actively, particularly since trading hours are, shall we say, much later in the day where I’ll be. But, guilt-prone blogger that I am, I’ll still doing a hell of a lot more posting than most of my peers in the blogosphere.

And, of course, I’ll be sure to post a few interesting photos during my travels. For now, however, I remain firmly ensconced in Palo Alto.