Price Per Bearrel

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My near-obsession with energy stocks continues to save my bearish butt from this otherwise insane cocaine-snorting, heroin-injecting market. Ever since the completely stupid OPEC love-fest ended, market forces (remember those? if you only trade equities this is probably new territory for you………..) were allowed to come back, and crude oil has been moving precisely the direction God Intended……..


I’m disappointed in myself that it took me THIS long to discover that it’s wiser to seek out markets where that 4’3″ white-haired troll doll named Janet Yellen doesn’t have a vested interest in completely propping it up with fake money.

Let’s see the thirties, crude! In the meantime, the entirety of my ETF portfolio is already positioned (and strongly leveraged) in the energy bear market.

Mash and Squash

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A SlopeCharts user (and PLUS member) has been emailing me about using the Macintosh with the system, wondering if SlopeCharts is Macintosh-friendly. I assumed it was, but I hadn’t tested it.

Well, I gave it the run-through this evening, and it passed with flying colors. Apple, in its wisdom, has never given its users a right-button for its mouse (which I think is idiocy), so you need to use the Ctrl button instead (e.g. Ctrl+mouse click). But except for that one oddity, everything works just great. I wanted to mention this in particular since I was surprised to see how many Mac users we actually have here on Slope.


Custom Chart Symbols

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I’ll start off with something for everyone – – an updated chart of the S&P 500. We are getting within spitting distance of the S&P 500 target. Truth to tell, I’m not quite sure where to place the minimum level of the retracement. If I drag it down to the 1980 low, the target is a tiny bit higher – – 2491.88. Whichever it is, we’re awfully close.