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Friday janet cried wolf again and SURPRISINGLY rates hike odds fell (markets started to rise then fell accordingly to their correlation with rates hike odds) 
This is completely orchestrated (apparent and clear loss of credibility) 
They HAVE to lie because the economic cycle has reversed  

For the first time (and probably the last) they want to induce a market crash so they can come with the "solution" and blame others than themselves for having to do it! 
The solution (hyper monetary inflation) is what we needed anyway (with or without nominal recession) because the global economic system cannot survive without it. 
Prepare for next years, process starts now with rapid and massive deflation (results in the fall of almost every assets priced in dollars) then massive inflation (results in MASSIVE stagflation/asset classes rotation in the economy)


Regarding recent Syria Chemical Attack, I believe DFEN is the play for next week / month..especially when Trump barks at Syria & Russia threatening sanctions, War, etc. NUGT, BTC, XRP. I also lick STMP. Sup wit LOCK? 4/8/18