Telegram-Based Alerts

If you use the Telegram messaging system, you can take advantage of the fact that SlopeAlerts is able to transmit messages to you via Telegram for instant and very convenient notices. (If you don’t have Telegram yet and need to download this free app, just click here).

Pairing” your Slope account with Telegram is a snap, but you do need to follow these specific instructions:

  1. Make sure you have clicked the link in the SlopeAlerts dialog box that provides your token to you;
  2. Click on this link which will go to Telegram;
  3. Type a slash followed by the word token, like this: /token and press Enter;
  4. Telegram should ask you “Please send your token“; this is where you should paste the token and press Enter;
  5. You should now get a “Token Confirm” message. You are done!

Now you can go back to the SlopeAlerts dialog box in SlopeCharts and click the link which refreshes the dialog box.