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SPX - Daily - 6.16.16.png

Bears are giddy. Look at this chart. Has anything changed according to this chart??? No! Bears going to get the noose again.

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SPX - Daily - 6.16.16.png


Blue DonkeyBlue Donkey
I see a widening top on the SPX chart.  
Disclaimer. I am myopic 6/16/16
here we go again every chart you put out you seem to think up up up up up put out a chart of xbi this baby is a short 6/17/16
@Alshaw: That's not true that every chart I put out is bullish. It only happens that I am aligning myself with the smart money and not the dumb money. There will be a time when I will be bearish and I will scream it from the rooftops. Are you aware that small speculators (aka "dumb money") have been short during the entire rally off the Feb low AND they are now more short than they have ever the history of financial markets!!! That is insane and I refuse to make the mistake of the dumb money. Maybe they'll be right and the market is forming a giant top these last 2 years, but I doubt it. 6/17/16
@Alshaw: To prove I'm not always bullish, see this chart of the NDX, which I called a bearish top almost to the tick. The longer-term implies bullish outcomes out of the triangle, but at the time I was shorter-term bearish. 6/17/16
You made a decent call, although your 'Low is in for the year' was off a tad:) Nice ES play sir 6/24/16
Is THIS investment advice? 6/24/16
Bulls have 1 month left to make ATH before US Treasury start to seize money from markets through debt issuance. 6/24/16
@007Dad: Yea, it sucks. Stupid Brexit nonsense, I didn't account for such volatiltiy. Oh well. Long-term analysis remains the same, Brexit is meaningless, actually it is probably bullish. 6/24/16
take a look at usd/cny. Looks like cup and handle pattern is broken to up. 6/24/16
China money supply growth rate decelerate is a long term bad news for bulls. (March 22% YoY, April 23% YoY and May 19% YoY!) Euro area money supply growth rate decelerate too (from 14% YoY 07.2015 to 9.7% 04.2016). This is recipe for world economic burst in future. 6/24/16
but all this does not mean SP500 can't have ATH in coming weeks :) 6/24/16