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One of the most important captures I'll post 
I called it "the big picture" 

I made it in 2014  

@Dink, that's why I think that in 10 years SPY will be much higher and that it won't be the only thing! 
Stock market also represents the fall of the dollar (inflation) in his price. 

That's why I'll probably never be bearish more than few weeks/months and that IMO the bull market is far from over (I'm a big bear right now) 
But the market can collapse against gold (real money) or other assets like in 1971-1980  
See the economic cycle here? (paper assets/real assets) 

The inflation system started in 1971(in reality it started in 1933 but dollar bubble popped in 1971) permits to have a crash (purge) but without nominal prices comming down very much (even with rising nominal prices) 

I hope it will help you because I think you can't have good medium and short term anticipations without


Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
without long term anticipations 
Lol I've reached the max words accepted 9/3/16
Silver SingularitySilver Singularity
Btw Dink, 
Here is a technical analysis that explain the 2009 bottom in a logarithmic chart ;) 9/3/16
Weekly Outlook: September 5 – September 9 9/4/16