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Our stock market timing model shifts to "neutral"

Our market timing model (swing trading timeframe) switches from "buy" to "neutral"

Based on the winning technical analysis techniques of our ETF and stock swing trading methodology, today's stock picks video provides you with...


Adam GreenAdam Green
Is there a way to mark spam posts here? 8/3/12
Morpheus Trading GroupMorpheus Trading Group
Hey Adam. Sorry you consider this to be spam. I felt that explaining the reasons why I am shifting to a "neutral" bias could be helpful to traders...didn't intend for you to consider it to be spam.  
On a separate note, one bug I see with this software is that the actual description of the post in the box above never matches the actual post. Instead, it keeps saying the same thing from the first post I made weeks ago. If you click the link to read the article, it has nothing to do with the text in the box above. 8/3/12
Adam GreenAdam Green
I see your point and I now agree your posts are not spam. 
I'm afraid that if morpehustrading posts about, that's about as definitively spam as it gets and seeing it in ten stacks that included every market index, made it a broadcast (also a telltale of spam.) 
I'm assuming this is a "social" (people to people) site, not intended as an advertising or promotional (vendor to consumer) site. 
That's not to ignore the arc of most social sites becoming advertising real estate for paying and non-paying vendors to advertise their wares or attempt various grassroots or guerrilla marketing. 
Perhaps Tim will choose a definition of "spam" as "annoying, repetitive, or zero value add" which I think is my criteria for ignoring stuff, and I wouldn't consider your post as spam in that context. 8/3/12
Morpheus Trading GroupMorpheus Trading Group
Thanks for your reply. I agree with you and am glad you see our intentions are not to spam. In the future, I will be more careful with which "stacks" I associate my posts. Frankly, I am still trying to work out exactly how the stacks work. 8/3/12