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Slope PLUS is the premium subscription-based offering from Slope of Hope. The most important advantages you get as a PLUS user is exclusive posts with trading ideas and vastly more powerful SlopeCharts.. Simply stated, the very best ideas and most complete analysis are only provided to PLUS subscribers. You can learn about specific PLUS benefits below and subscribe by clicking here.

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The cost is deliberately modest– only $49.95 per month or $499.50 per year (which means you get two months for free) and you can cancel at any time. Some sites charge five to ten times more for similar offerings. Are you ready to get started? Click here!

Receive Exclusive Trading Ideas

The highest quality, most actionable posts on Slope of Hope will be for your eyes only.

Whenever Tim has what he considers a really good trading idea (or something important to say about the market in general), he puts together a post only for PLUS members, and you will be instantly notified via email when it is ready.

Power Features in SlopeCharts

SlopeCharts is the basis of all of Tim’s analysis, and its very best features are reserved specifically for PLUS members, details of which are here.

Importantly, you get access to all of Tim’s watch lists, so you can see precisely what his current positions are as well as what he’s considering trading in real time.

Publish and Share Watchlists

Watch lists are collections of ticker symbols group into named families. PLUS users are the only ones able to share their lists with other members as well as "subscribe" to lists published by others. This is a tremendous time-saver for powerful trading ideas.

Exclusive Access to Technical Analysis Video Library

Tim Knight has been an active technical analyst for over a quarter of a century and has authored several popular books on technical analysis. For Slope PLUS users, he has recorded a library of videos about charting that are educational, easy-to-understand, and actionable for traders. Click here to jump right in!