So What’s New?

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Welcome Slopers, one and all, to the new Slope of Hope!

Since the vast majority of you are well-acquainted with the old blog, let me point out some important differences. I’m going to leave this post up for a good long while so lots of people see it.

(1) The Slope and SocialTrade user databases have been merged into one, and to log in, just use your email address and your password. I say again: your old username has no meaning to the new database. Use your email address from now on.


(2) Signing up for a free account is going to be really, really encouraged. If you don’t get an account (which costs nothing, takes like 5 seconds, and improves both length and girth), precious screen space is going to be gobbled up every time you visit Slope with the form below. Once you’ve got an account and are signed in, this annoying form goes away and is replaced by a cool little Streaming SocialTrade widget instead.


(3) Registered users enjoy this spiffy Streaming SocialTrade widget on the home page. Content on SocialTrade is going to be literally “front and center” on Slope now. This stream will feature the ten most recent submissions that have been stacked into SocialTrade, making it easy and obvious to see what’s new and hot.


(4) SocialTrade is now fully integrated into the Slope of Hope site. It’s all available via the SocialTrade menu. For those of you who haven’t done so already, I encourage you to go to the Bookmarklet page (also via the SocialTrade menu) to drag ‘n’ drop the bookmarklet into your browser toolbar.


(5) Slope+ content is now integrated into the site, which means that ProphetCharts videos, Technical Analysis videos, and posts written exclusively for Slope+ members will appear on the site (instead of subscribers needing to head off to a different site altogether).


(6) When you stack something into SocialTrade, a comment will automatically be created and inserted into the most recent blog post showing what you added. It will be as if you yourself created the comment, and it will assure that each stacked item gets a lot more attention than it used to.


That’s plenty enough for you to chew on; enjoy, and let me know any oddities or problems you encounter.

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