So Far, So Good…….

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Hi Everyone,

Well, we are a few hours into the new Slope, and things are going pretty smoothly. We’ve had a couple of tiny glitches, but those have been fixed. I’ve got some “real” posts waiting in the wings, but before we get to those, I wanted to say a couple of things.

First, one bug we had was that comments were not saving their preferred order; I think we have that fixed now. Please use the settings I am recommending below for the Optimal Comment Enjoying Experience.


Also, for you Slope+ users out there, I will be emailing you today about your subscription. If you try to look at Slope+ stuff right now, it’ll probably tell you to buzz off, because I need to entitle your account. Like I said, you’ll be hearing from me today so we can get that done; thanks.

Finally, if you see any errors, please email me. I’m reading comments, but I’m not going to catch every little thing in the comment stream. Just drop me a line if you see anything broken.



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