Your Palo Alto Real Estate Update

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From time to time, I have offered up posts about the insanely-skyrocketing prices of homes here in my fair city (one of the few long-term “long” positions from which I have ever benefited). Now we have jumped the shark, as today’s morning paper reveals:


You may notice a reference to 4,792 square feet. Those of you in Topeka and Cleveland all live in houses that sizes, but just to be clear, that’s a reference to the size of the entire lot. I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of a bird’s eye view; the subject property is labeled “A” and features a neighbor who, evidently, has the World’s Biggest Recreational Vehicle.


By the way, BDI has turned me onto James Howard Kunstler, so I’ll leave you with this talk about suburban blight he did eleven years ago; the man’s a genius: