“End” is an anagram of “Ned”

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I have good news for fellow Slopers. Allow me to introduce the Cetin Hekimoglu Elimination Squad:


These highly-trained mercenaries have one purpose and one purpose only: to root out and summarily execute any postings on Slope that they see from Ned "Cetin the Cretin", who pollutes blogs all around this great land of ours.

I have empowered enough Slopers (whom I've already privately emailed) with the ability to nuke this creep's posts that the lifespan of such posts has been reduced to the length of time you would want a tongue-kiss from AJC.

Ned, your already pointless existence here has been reduced to utter meaninglessness. Go find somewhere else to pollute. You are going to find your efforts profoundly frustrated from here on.