Running in Place

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Let me show you what the Russell 2000 index has done over the past two months:


We are almost exactly where we were eight weeks ago. We went down. Then up. Then down. And now up again.

And today was one of those days where the only portfolio of mine that thrived was my 401-k, which is packed with lottery plays again. Of the twenty "lotto" stocks in there, nineteen of them were up, and six of them were up in the double digits! LEE is up 25.34% since yesterday.

I'm afraid the next three trading days (which are all that's left of Q2 2009) will continue to be a grind. Monday was a blast, but it seems to have been a one-hit wonder. Perhaps once July starts, and the pressure is off the money managers to keep Q2 positive, the bears can start making some cash again.

In the meantime, the market is a bore. Sorry that the boredom is slipping into Slope, but it's hard to feign excitement on a day like this.