Throwing the Lottery Under a Bus

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I'm trimming way back on my 401-K (misnamed here often as my "IRA"). I have a mere eleven positions in this account now, with the twelfth being a large position in DZZ (doing nicely today) to balance things out. My percentage change in this account for 2009 so far is about 50%.

My lottery longs have served me well, providing very healthy percentage returns and pushing my account almost to my end-of-year goal. But holding onto crapola stocks isn't really my bag from here on out. I think lottery longs were wonderful in mid-March. My belief is that such instruments have worn out their welcome, so I am saying "thank you" and sending them on their way.

In another account, here are some shorts I am executing along with these stop prices:

ADBE 29.76
ARO 37.97
ASH 29.11
AVP 27.83
BWA 35.33
CAKE 18.54
CBRL 34.28
CCJ 29.61
COG 37.65
DIOD 16.47
GG 40.83
GYMB 39.70
NFX 38.75
PRGO 27.84
SPLS 21.96
TMK 41.24
TRA 30.76
WDR 26.59
YUM 36.76